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FOREVER BULB, LLC has developed a unique LED bulb format with LEDs aimed inward (issued utility and design patents). The open interior with crossing lights maximizes LED spacing and angles for best of all light distribution uniformity and does so over the largest area. The result of our design work is a beautiful glow like an incandescent bulb. The shown bulb is just an early wider sample stem. Imagine if that width is just 1/16th inch wide! It veritably disappears with a milky white bulb.

All electronics except the LED-on-flex circuitry are enclosed in the base. This opens the bulb interior and permits our optimized light paths but also means our licensee manufacturers can build a clear, sparkling decorative bulb version. 

While LEDs are very efficiently powered, the temperature at the light source must be controlled. Our next generation flex format eliminates the common heavy metal heat sink to provide the shortest distance from LED to air, broadest thermal distance between LEDs as well as ideal light distribution angles. This patented heat distribution method maximizes heat-to-air by directly using the entire bulb enclosure. The bulb at just 2 ounces is lighter too. The format is more durable and secure from moisture. Our mechanical assembly method can handle torque of 3.1 NM, so twist away in a sticky lamp socket.

The power conversion heat sink radiates out the low base ring doubles as safety encloser and separately controls temperature of components to extend bulb life. 

So FOREVER BULB, LLC's licensed format is designed to lower weight, improve costs, raise quality, extend product life and please customers for the long haul. The result is a better bulb at a better price and will be coming soon in our advanced format in both warm milky white and clear decorative bulbs at several wattage equivalencies.

We believe FOREVER BULB LLC products will speed LED bulb implementation worldwide and more quickly reduce total power demand (~ 12%) resulting in less CO2 emission and in turn slowing global warming.

FOREVER BULB LLC takes enormous pride in creating this product so our licensees can bring them to you with forthcoming name brands at soon to be announced utilities, .com and/or select outlets.
Our formated product with metal heatsinks were sold at Best Buy (see photo) with fine reviews. It was highly rated by Consumer Reports. The bulbs are still performing well in test and proven to last the equivalent of over 80 years so far. Test results for the new version are underway. It now uses a very narrow interior set of flex stems mounted to the inside of the bulb. These stems have a ton of very low-power LEDs mounted to best distribute light in all directions and heat right out the bulb body. This format achievement is and LED bulb design gamechanger. Finally, a normal looking bulb with unequalled light distribution and no heatsink offered in a full range of wattage equivalencies. Yes, even those really bright bulbs from the incandescent days. Foreverbulb may be called WEBulb so keep an eye on this website for the latest news. Regardless, we will finally be meeting the look and performance desires of every consumer. Our impressive lighting technology at value pricing will be your last bulb purchase and install. 
If you are a potential competitor be aware our worldwide patents will be protect vigorously. These utility, methods and design values have been confirmed by costly construction, testing and productization. Internal and outside lab studies have proven our engineering and design successes.
News about licensees and product availability will be forthcoming.
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Inward-Aiming LEDs naturally GLOW an unpowered
incandescant bulb demonstrating format value



Former FOREVER BULB LLC product licensee ........ Best Buy Insignia:

Still running in test - equivalent to over 80 years!






Incandescent vs. Original
Forever Bulb LLC Format