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FOREVER BULB, LLC has developed a unique LED bulb format with LEDs aimed inward (issued US and foreign patents). The open interior with crossing lights maximizes LED space to the bulb surface, uniformly spaced they angle light to eliminate shadows to distribute light uniformly from the entire bulb shape (A19 typical). The result of our invention is a bulb with a beautiful glow that radiates light most similarly to an incandescent bulb. 

All electronics except the LED-on-stem circuitry are enclosed in the base. This open bulb interior permits our optimized light path. 

While LEDs are very energy efficient, the temperature at the light source must be controlled. Our new generation eliminates the common metal heatsinks used in many offerings while providing the shortest thermal distance from LED to convection air. The bulb is the heatsink and works well in any orientation. Our patented format is better than remote heatsinks or isolated LED filaments. Testing shows we have an 18 to 19 C heat distribution advantage over isolated LED filaments. This permits our bulb to be much brighter than others while staying within the LED thermal specification limits. This means we can also last longer than other bulbs too. 

FOREVER BULB, LLC's format can be licensed for manufacturing or acquired by a company desiring their own namebrand with unequalled patented advantages. 

Simply, this is a better bulb that can be offered at a better price. It can be offered in a warm milky white or a clear decorative bulb and in many wattage equivalencies including new A-19 high end capabilities.

We believe FOREVER BULB LLC products will speed LED bulb implementation worldwide and more quickly reduce total power demand (~ 12%) resulting in less CO2 emission and in turn slow global warming.

FOREVER BULB LLC takes enormous pride in creating this product so licensees or an acquirer can bring them to you through utilities, .com and/or select retail outlets.
Our earlier inward aiming product used metal heatsinks and were sold at Best Buy (see photo) with fine reviews. It was highly rated by Consumer Reports. The bulbs are still performing well in test and proven to last the equivalent of over 80 years so far by testing at 60 to 70 degrees C. These bulbs are in use today in our homes after years of operation.
Our next generation testing and patent pending electromagnetic stem assembly automated process is well along and bulb build, UL certification and production will soon to be underway.
The very narrow interior set of flex stems mounted to the inside of the bulb perform like no other. Yes, we will be the first to offer replacements for those really bright (high wattage) incandescent applications without a snow cone heatsink.
Foreverbulb may be called WeBulb so keep an eye on our webulb.com website for the latest next generation news about our partnership or licensees.
We finally have met the challenges to make the LED bulb provide the common light bulb look with advanced LED performance - the desire of every consumer. Our impressive lighting technology will be value priced too. This will be your last bulb purchase and install. Join others as the final billions of bulbs are replaced.
If you are a potential competitor be aware that our worldwide patents will be protected vigorously, however we look forward to your contact for a legal right to build and/or sell this amazing bulb. Thanks for visiting our website!   



Inward-aiming LEDs naturally GLOW. This demo uses an
unpowered incandescant bulb to show our format's value



Former FOREVER BULB LLC product licensee ........ Best Buy Insignia:

Still running in test - equivalent to over 80 years!






Incandescent vs. Original
Forever Bulb LLC Format