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FOREVER BULBtm is an LED bulb format with LEDs aimed inward (issued utility and design patents). The open interior with crossing lights maximizes LED spacing and angles for best of all light distribution uniformity and does so over the largest area. The result of our design work is a beautiful glow like an incandescent bulb.

All electronics except the LED-on-flex circuitry are enclosed in the base. This opens the bulb interior and permits our optimized light paths but also means our licensee manufacturers can build a clear, sparkling decorative bulb version. 

While LEDs are very efficiently powered, the temperature at the light source must be controlled. Our LED format now eliminates the metal heat sink and provides the shortest distance from LED to air while also creating the broadest distance between LEDs. This patented heat distribution method maximizes heat-to-air by directly using the entire bulb enclosure. The bulb is lighter too.

The power conversion heat sink radiates out the low base ring that doubles as the safety encloser and separately controls the temperature of components to extend their life. 

FOREVER BULB, LLC licensed format is designed to lower weight, improve costs, raise quality, extend product life and please customers for the long haul. The result is a better bulb at a better price and coming soon in our advanced format.

We believe FOREVER BULB LLC will speed LED bulb implementation worldwide and more quickly reduce total power demand (~ 12%) resulting in less CO2 emission and in turn the slowing of global warming.

FOREVER BULB LLC takes enormous pride in creating this product so our licensees can bring it to you with name brand strength at .com and retail outlets.
Former formated product with metal heatsinks was sold at Best Buy (see photos) with fine reviews. It was highly rated by Consumer Reports. The bulbs are still performing well in test and are proven to last over 73 years so far. Test results for the new interior flex format will be provided our future news site information. Now imagine a price drop that will knock your socks off.
If you are a potential competitor be aware we have patents worldwide and are prepared to protect these long-term and vigorously. These inventions are valuable. We have built and tested bulbs at considerable expense. Our lab and outside labs have proven our engineering and design leadership and success. These expensive development assets will be protected vigorously worldwide. News about our new licensees will be forthcoming in the near future.
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Former FOREVER BULB LLC product licensee ........ Best Buy Insignia:

Still running in test - equivalent to over 73 years!






Incandescent vs.
Forever Bulb